How to make a flower using Polymer clay!

  In the video below I take my time showing you how to make a flower (pictured left)  This video will help you get started making your own flowers!! This perticular flower is made using a skinner blend, which I have another video demonstration I'll add here leter. The colors are Blush Pink from Premo and Fimo Effect's Glow in the Dark!! So when the lights go out this flower comes to life!
  I baked this at 275ºF for 15 minutes in our standared kitchen oven. When it was done baking this I poured cold water on it until it was completely cooled.  I find this to help against cracking and plaquing (half-moon shapes)   Then I sanded the green stalk part of the flower with 3 different grit sandpaper (220grit 400grit and 600grit) used in that order to glive it a smooth clean look!! I seriously recommend spending a little time doing this part, the sanding, as the finished results can't be compared otherwise. Enjoy.

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